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The Galveston County Daily News : Letters To Editor

January 30, 2015

Letters To Editor

Friday 01/30/2015
Beach buildup project a sham

We are in Galveston’s Dellanera Park for the winter for our third year and believe me, it is so disappointing. That is because of the continuous stream of dump trucks dumping sand here for the beach build up. And we, in the park, want to say what a sham the city was sold.

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We must do more for our children

The witnessing of child problems in the newspaper and TV presents a sad commentary in a civilized society. When parents play tug-of-war with their children, is it any wonder that so many children grow up with emotional and psychological scars as a result of traumatic experiences in the family? What happens to these children could cause irrevocable damage.

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Pollution reduction should be Marathon’s top priority

On Jan. 13, Marathon Petroleum/Blanchard Refining Company dumped 100 tons plus of catalyst into our community. Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health’s toxicology consultants, retained by Marathon, said it’s harmless, yet balked at eating our garden’s vegetables. The $400 house cleanings Marathon offered will be ineffectual as the catalyst is not water soluble. It will have to blow its way out of our neighborhoods and into the bay.

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Presidential vacations are well-deserved

Regarding Jake Feigle’s letter to the editor (“Just my two cents, again, on President Obama,” The Daily News, Jan. 28): As of Aug. 8, 2014, President Barack Obama had taken 19 vacations for 125 days. Former President George W. Bush had taken 65 vacations for 407 days in the same time period and they both deserve them.

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Thursday 01/29/2015
Who does The Daily News serve?

Something awful and ugly is going on at The Daily News. I refer to Publisher Leonard Woolsey’s cancellation of David Michael Smith’s weekly columns. Smith began his weekly columns in November, at the editor’s request. These weekly columns were great and gave a different point of view that is badly needed in this newspaper. Like many other people, I am outraged by Woolsey interfering in the editorial process and stopping Smith’s weekly columns.

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Happiness surrounds grandparenthood

Before I was a grandparent, I was always hearing, “You will never believe how grandkids make you feel.” Well, I have to say everything I heard was true and more. It makes the trials and tribulations of raising kids worth it — well almost. These little giggle boxes of playfulness and dreams, bring us back to our youth. They bring us back to the days when we could believe and dream without the fear of failure. Children show us a secret of youth, where they can move forward from adventure to adventure without holding on to the past. Unknowingly, they show us the benefit of forgetting the pain of experience.

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Column very enlightening

I’m considering moving to Galveston soon and I’m reading realtor articles.Saturday’s article by Tom Schwenk (“Community matters when home buying,” The Daily News, Jan. 24) wasgood, but the information on the condition of Galveston Bay from Artist Boat was disturbing.

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Wednesday 01/28/2015
Condemnation of Janek was a bit early

The Daily News recently ran a letter by Don Ciaccio calling for the resignation of Kyle Janek as head of the Dept. of Health and Human Services (“Kyle Janek should resign his position,” The Daily News, Jan. 21). The investigation has not been finished and already there are those who are ready to rush to judgment.

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Just my two cents, again, on President Obama

Once again President Barack Obama has shunned the leader of Israel. President Obama does not have time for an ally, but he has time for a celebrity who soaks herself in a bath tub while eating candy floating in the water.

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Abortion issues should be governed by states

I see where Cecelia Abbott and G.P. Bush were at a Texas Rally For Life event. Abortion on demand could lead to a purer America.

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Monday 01/26/2015
Bring weekly column back

Regarding the recent pulling of David Michael Smith’s weekly column — I, as a reader of The Daily News, would like to know why the publisher decided to pull the weekly column. I thoroughly enjoyed Smith’s viewpoint and responses to the conservative viewpoint in articles by Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius and John Gay (Three Musketeers), and other articles.

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Column sheds light on community issues

It is shameful that in response to the attacks and baseless slander of a few readers, the column by Dr. David M. Smith has been removed from your newspaper. If bringing current community issues to the people’s attention makes someone feel uncomfortable, then the vast majority of people are guilty of that. Steel workers protest the lack of agreements between workers and management, guilty; not including ethical standards for city employees, guilty; commissioners proposing the purchase of cameras for police to promote transparency, guilty; and many more situations. All these have been aired in your newspaper. But then, why is Smith victimized?

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Sunday 01/25/2015
Private advisory panels cause for concern

Am I the only one concerned about the role of the private advisory panels appointed by the newly elected lieutenant governor (“‘Citizen’ board of wealthy Texas donors will help lawmakers,” The Daily News, Jan. 15)? Shouldn’t these panels be required to publicize their topics of discussion and recommendations?

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Weber just gave his opinion

I saw nothing wrong with what congressman Randy Weber put on Twitter (“Lawmaker apologizes for tweet comparing Obama to Hitler,” The Daily News, Jan. 13). He did not call President Barack Obama a communist. He merely said Adolf Hitler thought some things more important than Obama does.

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No justification for ending weekly column

It is outrageous that Publisher Leonard Woolsey has ended David Michael Smith’s weekly column. I have been keeping up with Smith’s columns and everyone who wants to read a quality local newspaper should be disturbed by Woolsey’s censorship. There have been many letters of support for Smith’s writings and the importance of different views. Critics of his columns have mainly engaged in personal attacks, character assassination and McCarthyism. I guess the truths that Smith discusses have really frightened the local powers that be, but Woolsey should not kowtow to them. That’s toadyism, not journalism.

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Friday 01/23/2015
Marxist views are a dime a dozen

Regarding the various letters supporting David Michael Smith: Having spent over four decades in graduate school and as a faculty member in several universities, I find it amusing that some readers are concerned about Smith’s free speech rights. Marxist academics such as Smith are a dime a dozen, and are in firm control of virtually every United States college and university.

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Column appeals only to lowest informed

Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius and John Gay (Three Musketeers) once again skip through 400 years of history, cherry picking facts to justify their support for the dominion concept of correctness of permitting the 1 percent upper class owning nearly half the world’s wealth (“Reaching our dreams through self-reliance,” The Daily News, Jan. 19). Back to history, their favorite concept uses ideas conceived during the feudal era that had already began to crumble in the modern 1600s application of free men. They failed to mention the Jamestown slackers were the 1 percent of the era, gentlemen and their manservants, who did no manual work. The colony only started returning big money after the first 1614 harvest of tobacco. Nothing like self-reliance on freedom with an addicting drug. The capitalist illegals irritated Pocahontas’ relatives enough they periodically killed them with their stone-age weapons.

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Mummers need your support

Please join my wife, Sue, and I in supporting the Mummers Quaker City String Band for Mardi Gras with a donation. Any amount would help.

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Tax-Aide to provide services in Texas City

I am a volunteer with AARP Tax-Aide, where we provide free tax preparation for low-mid income and/or senior citizens. We will again provide these services at our Texas City site at Carver Center (in Carver Park), 6615 Park Avenue, West Texas City. We will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday beginning Feb. 1 through April 15. Everyone must bring a Social Security card and a photo ID, and a Social Security card for each dependent that can legally be claimed on the tax return.

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Readers would like an explanation

Del Kilgore’s and Linda Wilson’s recent letter (Why no weekly column?, The Daily News, Jan. 17) discussed a huge problem at The Daily News — Publisher Leonard Woolsey’s cancellation of David Michael Smith’s weekly column. I agree with Kilgore’s and Wilson’s criticism of Woolsey. I am also very upset by this decision. Smith’s columns provided a counterpoint to all the conservative and Republican columns. His columns also had many more facts to back up his arguments and were easy to read. Woolsey owes readers an explanation about why he — not the editorial department, but he — canceled Smith’s weekly columns.

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Weber a man of conviction

Plenty of Republicans run for Congress as conservatives, only to succumb to Beltway Fever once reaching Washington. The most common symptoms among GOP politicians is an irresistible desire to hike the debt ceiling and spend more of other people’s money. U.S. Rep. Randy Weber, however, was vaccinated against Beltway Fever with a dose of grass-roots conservatism.

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Freeport PD actions proactive

Regarding Michael A. Smith’s editorial on the Freeport police department’s decision (“Quanell X should not be doing a detective’s job,” The Daily News, Jan. 19): I guess we need a polemicist from the left, but I am pretty disappointed in your column. You start with feigned ignorance of the reasons for the Freeport decision. Then you announce that you have such a treasure trove of arguments that you are having trouble picking from the list. We get two silly observations that Quanell X isn’t a forensic expert or a grand jury. Your finale begs the question with the statement that the decision didn’t benefit anyone or the community. Last, you are alarmed that Quanell X is now “activizing out” instead of “activizing in,” thus benefiting the police. Huh?

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Wednesday 01/21/2015
Letter missed all the numbers

Some people do not want to look at all the facts before jumping on the rampant racism wagon. Obviously Mary Fike’s assessment (“Many fail to recognize racism” The Daily News Jan. 12) reflects the convoluted and twisted view of some who feel the arrest and incarceration rates are grossly skewed.

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Thanks for your thoughts and prayers

On Jan. 14, our son, Tommy Duke, went home to be with the Lord after a long illness. At 8 a.m., I tried to wake him to let him know I had to go to my appointment and that his meds and juice was ready for him to take at 9 a.m. He wouldn’t wake up. I called my husband and he came to help me. We called 9-1-1 and the operator was very helpful and stayed with us until the ambulance came. She walked Davied and I through CPR until the EMS and the police arrived.

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Thanking our Veterans Project

Heights Elementary School third grade students and teachers are excited to begin their project “Thanking our Veterans” in February. The project was funded through the Texas City Independent School District’s Foundation For The Future.

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All talk and no action

An improvement to Stewart Beach? What would that include?

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Censorship is alive and well at The Daily News

Daily News publisher Leonard Woolsey should be ashamed of himself for dropping Dr. David Michael Smith’s column, “From the Left.”

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Kyle Janek should resign his position

Caught up in a scandal which is being investigated by public corruption prosecutors and the FBI, Kyle Janek should resign as Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner.

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Is the sky still falling?

Where the heck were our Three Musketeer friends and their long-winded lectures on Constitutional trivia and quaint 1800s philosopher quotes when we could have really used them?

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Tuesday 01/20/2015
Isle should re-evaluate mass transit

In order for the trolley to regain its rightful place, the city will have to re-evaluate its management approach to mass transit. Galveston has already attempted to operate the buses and trolleys as part of one entity, but the established bus routes took priority and, for good reason, income. The University of Texas Medical Branch paid the city to ensure that their employees got to and from group-parking areas on the Island and on the Mainland in a timely manner. Add to that, the mundane process of shuttling cruise passengers to and from remote parking lots three to four days a week, and you have an understaffed department, tired equipment and an overworked group of drivers.

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History says a lot about COM board, president

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Trolley issue long-standing for island

When trolley issues were first discussed, before a trolley car even existing and the rail being set, I was beginning my career at the University of Texas Medical Branch. I imagined seeing a 43-year-old nurse with her purse and plastic bag, containing a lunch, board the trolley. Oops, she doesn’t live by a popular tourist stop.

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Saturday 01/17/2015
Why no weekly column?

Publisher’s note: David Michael Smith’s columns have not been canceled. The columns will be published on a monthly basis. 

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School districts should ban students having cellphones

Regarding the article “Dad: Video of scuffle in LMHS classroom just part of the story” (The Daily News, Jan. 15): I had the unfortunate opportunity to read the article, as well as review the video on The Daily News website. School districts should ban students having cellphones at school. The teacher in the video’s safety and the safety of other students in the classroom was obviously in peril as a result of the student’s attack on the teacher. Instead of the students using the phone to get help for the teacher, in an effort to de-escalate the matter, the phone was used to exploit and entertain. 

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Friday 01/16/2015
Trolley issue raised on Facebook

Galveston Island is not what it was before Hurricane Ike and the trolley system should evolve to the new environment, as well. “When life gives you lemons … .” Lemons suggest bitterness and the operating deficit of the trolley system’s former life was a bitter pill. However, we could be making the sweetest lemonade with the ingredients we have and can obtain. A fully functional trolley system opens doors of opportunity for advertising placement to underwrite the operations.

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Pappous defending Ken Clark?

“Rats and termites” may not have been a good choice of words, but Michael Smith’s editorial about Ken Clark was well justified (“Texas Ethics Commission should serve the people,” The Daily News, Jan. 9). Regardless of the fine being ridiculously low, guilt was established. The Ethics Commission chose not to pursue one matter, waited out the statute of limitation in another, but — even though it just slapped his wrist ever so lightly for it — did find fault with Ken Clark. Yet Clark tragicomically declared himself vindicated. Is he also innocent of having thrown his staff under the bus? That may be legal, but ethical? Is popularity of a politician a shield against criticism?

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Veterans Day coat drive a success

On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, Goodwill Industries of Houston’s San Jacinto Job Connection Center celebrated those who sacrificed so much to serve this country. This job connection center exclusively serves veterans and provides education, training employment opportunities and other services needed to successfully transition into the labor market after military service.

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Thursday 01/15/2015
Where’s the fair taxation?

The one thing the Republicans really excel in doing is moving money around. This talent goes all the way back to the last Bush administration, when the cost of the Iraq War was hidden by back-seat accounting. The party somehow manipulates money that’s supposed to be used for one purpose and skillfully directs it to something else. I think they call this “the shell game.” And since we have become a Republican state government, I would like to see less big state government and local government.

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Galveston will benefit from trolley service

I believe the trolley system is an asset. It’s unfortunate that its past operation was not more integrated into Galveston’s mass-transit system and it ran on a haphazard schedule. Granted, the tracks limit the ability to adjust the routes, but other historic cities operate trolley routes successfully, both as an integral part of their mass-transit system and as tourist attractions. One only has to look to New Orleans and San Francisco for positive examples.

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Could Weber be that uninformed?

U.S. Rep. Randy Weber (R-Friendswood) apologized for a tweet in which he linked President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. Part of his apology states “ ... I now realize that the use of Hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust and victims of anti-Semitism and hate.” (“Weber takes heat for Obama tweet that references Hitler,” The Daily News, Jan. 14)

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Kudos to the letter writer

Regarding the letter written about David Michael Smith (“Time to move on,” The Daily News, Jan. 11): Viva! Debbie Gremillion.

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Wednesday 01/14/2015
Muslim issues should be addressed

I was surprised as Kenneth Shelton brought up that David Michael Smith excused Russia and China as having no problem with freedom of speech (“Columnist speaks utter nonsense,” The Daily News, Jan. 12). I bet even he wouldn’t go railing against leaders and policies in their public squares.Our close ally, Saudi Arabia, just sentenced someone who blogged — mocking that country’s ban of Valentine’s Day and then making disparaging comments about religions in general — to 10 years in prison, 1,000 lashes — incrementally to be applied weekly — and $250,000 dollars. The United States is taking a stand against the decision.

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Grocery store at the mall would be good for business

Editor’s note: Friendswood attorney and developer Jerome Karam has an earnest money contract on the 451,000-square-foot Mall of the Mainland property in Texas City with plans to revive the shopping center.

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Bring the trolleys back

I read with great interest an article in The Daily News regarding the trolley situation (“Feds urge council to make decision on rail trolley return,” The Daily News, Jan. 9). Most interesting was the fact that City Council has been sitting on $3.78 million since 2010 that were meant for the restoration of the trolley system. Galveston has the opportunity to recapture one of the signature aspects of our city, and in so doing, remind tourists and city people that we share a nearly unique trolley system with cities like New Orleans and San Francisco.

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Freedom of press should be upheld at all times

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Tuesday 01/13/2015
Tourists want trolley service

I work at the Galveston Railroad Museum, and year after year, visitors to Galveston Island and the museum ask “When are the trolleys going to run again? We miss the trolleys more than anything.”

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Ethics reform is needed

Regarding Michael A. Smith’s editorial (“Texas Ethics Commissionshould serve the people,” The Daily News, Jan. 9): If I get a ticket in my big truck for one taillight out, the fine is over $200 dollars. If you break three ethics laws, it’s $100.

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Donation pushes fundraiser over halfway mark

A recent $5,000 donation from the Alice Taylor Gray Foundation to Galveston Community Pool has pushed the fundraising effort over the halfway mark. Better Parks for Galveston and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department appreciate the contribution toward Galveston’s first ever public pool. Jeff Wind, a representative of Frost Bank, which is co-trustee of the foundation, said, “It was Mrs. Gray’s wish to benefit the children of Galveston. A public swimming pool where all children will have the opportunity to learn to swim and participate in healthy swimming activities would have pleased her.”

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Trolleys are important to Galveston

I agree with Councilman Dr. Craig Brown that, “the rail trolleys are important to Galveston.” We should do all we can to bring them back. The rail trolleys are nostalgic and can be a tourist attraction. They enhance the historic feel of the island. They can help set Galveston apart and make visits to the island more memorable. Rubber tire trolleys are just buses. Buses are usually memorable for the wrong reasons. Buses are not romantic and the sound of a diesel engine is not as sexy as steel wheels rubbing along the tracks of a rail line. A bus was not named “Desire.”

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Monday 01/12/2015
Many fail to recognize racism

Bob Fields (“Political leaders have worsened race relations,” The Daily News, Jan. 8) is representative of the type of oblivious white Americans who fail to see racism, even when it is overwhelmingly obvious. Firstly, some of his statistics are wrong. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were over 11 million arrests in the United States in 2013, not a couple of million.

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