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The Galveston County Daily News : Editorials

October 25, 2014


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In this fight, bet on the judges

The Galveston County Commissioners Court picked a bad fight over who has the authority to hire and fire the courts administrator.

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Friday 10/24/2014
A small change with big implications
Posted: October 24, 2014

The Galveston City Council changed the way it appoints members to some city boards. Slowly, people are realizing that change could have huge implications.

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Thursday 10/23/2014
The case against term limits
Posted: October 23, 2014

The Daily News has generally supported term limits, but leaders in La Marque have made a case that repealing them would help, rather than hurt, their community.

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Wednesday 10/22/2014
Some guidelines for election letters
Posted: October 22, 2014

The Daily News loves to publish letters from readers — especially about contested elections. But we do have a few guidelines.

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Tuesday 10/21/2014
Needed: A better process for hiring key people
Posted: October 21, 2014

John Hamm might be the best choice to head of the Hitchcock Police Department, but the process used to fill that important post in city government was flawed.

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Monday 10/20/2014
Unless you like traffic, support Proposition 1
Posted: October 20, 2014

Today’s the first day of early voting in the Nov. 4 elections. A good way to observe it would be to cast a vote for Proposition 1.

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Sunday 10/19/2014
Daily News endorsements in the Nov. 4 election
Posted: October 19, 2014

The Daily News recommends Wayne Faircloth for state representative in District 23.

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Saturday 10/18/2014
What if Ebola patients came here?
Posted: October 18, 2014

Sooner or later, a patient with a deadly virus will be brought to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. What should islanders think?

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Friday 10/17/2014
With Ebola, hysteria doesn’t help
Posted: October 17, 2014

GALVESTON — The University of Texas Medical Branch’s role in fighting Ebola and similar diseases is going to expand. What institution is better equipped? Which has better people with better training?

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